Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Brian has a diagnosis!

So, Brian got more testing done. He met with the neurologist on Monday and was told he has a dysfunctional utricle (utrical). It is a very, very new disorder. So recently discovered in fact that there is no definitive treatment for it. The 'treatment' right now is to aggravate the symptoms in a controlled environment and hope the brain gets sick of the reaction and basically ignores the utricle.

The doctors estimate is that it will take 3-6 months of thereapy to relieve the symptoms. Hopefully it takes less but in the mean time he is still staying with his grandma in Mesa. We are grateful that he has the family to support him there.

As for us I have had the realization that when I am stressed my uterus contracts. So, I have to keep myself calm and serene when dealing with the girls, and it has actually helped me a lot! The week I was alone with the girls I felt like they were listening better, but that could just be me. Last week I had Dad here to help and this week Becca has given up her spring break to come help me clean my house. It feels very good to get rid of the clutter.

We are grateful to all who prayed for us, and lent their support. We love you all!


Becky said...

Don't you love diagnoses where there is no known cure? We hope for the best-- so glad he got a smart doctor!

Sam, Jenn, and Liam said...

Jenn and I are glad to hear of the progress and to know everyone is doing better. You had us scared for awhile Mary. Take it easy. Sell the girls if you need to, J/K.

I should tell you Jenn and I have been seeing the chiropractor...you might know him. Dr. Olsen?

Sariah said...

Quick google search and I found this: http://www.dizziness-and-balance.com/disorders/unilat/utricular.html

Not sure how accurate the information is, but is was interesting to see at least.

Glad you finally have a diagnosis. Hopefully the treatment works. :)

AZ Allreds said...

Good to hear that he has a diagnosis and that therapy can aid the prob. We hope that all goes well and that you guys won't have to be apart for too long...that's never fun for anyone. And Mary...take it easy...we all know that you like to be on the go!