Sunday, May 25, 2008

Our Park

We took the girls to the park when Brian, Sariah and Becca came into town. Kori had a near death experience on the slide but other than that we had an all around good time. Kori was getting brave and started going down the slide by herself, well at one point she held onto a bar near the top and didn't let go when she started she dangled there for a few seconds before Mommy rescued her.


Well, I was told recently that I need to update the blog so here it goes. In April we went on a trip to Disneyland. Thankfully the girls were pretty good. Devyn had a hard time waiting in line, and Kori was a little oblivious. The thing she liked the best were the benches. Whenever we walked by one Kori would climb up on it! We also got to go to the "Princess Fantasy Faire" where you guessed it! The kids meet the princesses. Devyn's favorites were Sleeping Beauty and Minnie. They also met Belle and Mulan and the Fairy Godmother. We stayed for two days and the girls were bushed by the end of day two.