Thursday, July 10, 2008

Our new car!

So after four wonderful years of marriage Brian and I are on our fourth vehicle. Our first one was free, thanks to some connections on Becky's part. It was a white '83 Jeep Cherokee. Brian and I loved that Jeep but near the end it started really falling apart. Then we purchased our Toyota 4-runner (pictured here). Brian calls her Baby, because that's what she is. He has big dreams for Baby still, right now she has a lot of engine work to be done and he wants a lift and new exhaust...lot's of stuff to make her rock-crawler worthy. Well, Baby was only a 2-door and it was really hard getting Devyn in and out. After I got pregnant again we decided it was time to get an upgrade. We found a beautiful blue '98 Jeep Cherokee. You'd think we like Jeep's or something. So we had Jeep # 2 for almost two years when we decided to try for another baby. If we did get pregnant we would have no more room for Shar our boxer-beagle mix. We had been talking about upgrading to a bigger vehicle for awhile because ours fit us perfectly with no room for growth. So, we got rid of our mortgage payment and traded in Jeep #2 for our Pathfinder which Devyn lovingly calls Tiny. We intend to have it payed off in three years. As of now we are one third towards our goal having just paid off two of our 4 credit cards. YAY! The wonderful feeling of paying off Debt.