Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Brian's diagnoses...

So, we had an appointment with the ENT on Monday to find out the results of the MRI and other tests Brian has done. The prognosis is......none of the above. Apparently Brian's symptoms touch on all of the before mentioned medical problems but none point to one definite diagnosis, so we are off to yet another doctor, a neurologist this time to hopefully find out what is going on in Brian's head.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Salome Annual Chili-cookoff

Well, today was the McMullen Valley Annual Chili and Salsa Cook-off. The community showed up in droves. There were art exhibits, entertainment, music, singing, dancing, a classic car and hot rod show (Brian's Favorite) and even an exhibition on precision motorcycle riding. There were also model airplane shows and a huge water balloon fight for the kids. It was all around a good day.

This thing threw us for a's called a t-rex, if you
want more angles of it Brian got a bunch (of course) Maybe
I'll have him post some more of his favorite cars he saw.

Our life in February

So, a couple of months ago Brian had a few days where he was dizzy and a little uncoordinated with a plugged ear. The episode passed and things went back to normal. The ear stayed plugged so we rinsed it out with warm water and peroxide and that seemed to help. At the end of January beginning of February Brian got a cold followed by what we were told was an ear infection, with the symptoms of dizziness/ nausea, ear blockage and the ringing. Brian went on an antibiotic and ear drops hoping they would help the symptoms. After a week they hadn't helped and his dizzy episodes were getting worse so we took him back into the Doctor and were told there were a few explanations for his symptoms. The first and least invasive is positional vertigo, the next is meniere's disease, and after seeing an ENT (ear, nose & throat) specialist were told it could also be a tumor. So after several visits and an MRI, balance and hearing test...the doctor will tell us on Monday. But until then if you could keep Brian in your prayers and ask that he might be able to return to work soon we would appreciate it very much.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A new baby update...

Well, I have waited my allotted time and now I have to post something new.
The pregnancy is going well. I had an appointment 3 weeks ago and got some pictures I kept meaning to put up of Skeletor baby. In the first one you can see "his/her" eye sockets and face and such. In the second one the baby is actually cuddling with the umbilical cord. It was actually really interesting to see. I had a medical student doing the ultrasound and she said she had never seen anything like it (probably because she was a medical student).