Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Well, It's about time I give out another update on our goings on. This week started out busy, when on Friday Kori got an unexplained fever. I treated it with tylenol but it persisted. She also showed signs of tooth tenderness so I checked it out and it appeared she was getting her molars in. So, we thought nothing of it until on Sunday I noticed her whole gum line was swollen and a little red and she still had her fever. So, Monday I made some calls to insurance comapanies and Dr's offices to get her an appointment. That night Devyn got a fever and Kori had small sores inside her bottom lip. Tuesday Brian went to work then had to come home to help me take the monkey girls on the hour long car trip to the Dr's office. Turns out the girls got hand, foot and mouth disease. I looked it up and found out that there is no real way to figure out how they got it. Here is a link to the CDC website just in case you want to read about it. It's a virus that resides in the intestine and can stick around for a few weeks. They had a cousin who had it about six months ago, luckily they don't have the all over face sores yet. Kori has two little sores on her lower lip and Devyn hasn't shown any yet.

In other news after much deliberation Brian and I have decided to upgrade our vehicle. We are going to be purchasing a Nissan Pathfinder. We are very excited because it's a 7 passenger and gets the same gas mileage as the Jeep does, possibly even better. We get to pick it up on Friday.
Well, that's us in a nutshell. I'm busy squishing up foods for hurting girls and the girls are busy getting into trouble and Brian is busy 'harrasing motorists' as he puts it. Hope you are all doing well.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


So, things with the Salome Hon's has been pretty good. Spring has come and gone and summer is starting to creep in. We've had some warm days and some abnormally cool ones but over all it's very nice. The girls and I enjoy spending the late mornings haning out in our inflatable pool and Kori has mastered sitting in a swing. Devyn can't even boast that one. I have been keeping busy with starting up Flashbacks. I have a link to it setup, you should all check it out and let me know what you think. Here are some pictures of a brochure I came up with. With a lot of help from Liz and especially Becca. Thanks girls!
We have also been given an offer on the Tucson house. Homevestors sent out a letter of interest Becca and Sam & Jenn went and let him in to check it out and they offered to buy it in a short sale. Previously we had thought that we couldn't do a short sale because most times the buyer won't pay full price for the home and the seller is left with some debt left over. Well, homevestors will be working with our mortgage company on a price and the rest of the debt will be forgiven. We are praying that things will work out. We have also gotten some news on the house we're supposed to move into. The previous occupants moved out and we are just waiting for the carpet and tile to be replaced YAY!!! I get a dishwasher and a master bathroom and an actual laundry room! We'll have to have a big get together to have everyone up here to check it out.

Poor Kori

So, Kori got a CAT scan this weekend. All because we live out in the middle of nowhere and have yet to get a Family DR. Let me tell you the story. Brian went to San Diego this last weekend for a boys trip with his Dad and brother Gregg. So, while he was gone I went into Mesa to visit Brian's Mom and Sister Cassey and to get our bi-weekly shopping done. The boys were supposed to head back on Saturday and we would go home on Sunday. Well, Saturday afternoon Cassey and I were going to go shopping during nap time...long story short Devyn woke Kori up then went to sleep Kori having a 15 min nap got to go to the store with Mommy and Cassey. While in the checkout line she was trying to get away from me (I was holding her hand) and she slipped and hit her head. I didn't think much of it for a second...she did the whole stop breathing cause she was crying so hard thing, but when she was trying to regain her breath she arched her back and was very scary. Then I held her close and she stopped crying completely...that scared me too. So, concerned she had a concussion, we drove straight back to the house...on the way she went kinda pale, so I called our 24 hr nurse line and they suggested taking her to the ER. We went and she was playing in the waiting area, and the Dr, said she was probably fine but they wanted a CAT scan just to make sure since we wouldn't be able to get a follow up in the next couple of days. What an adventure. I knew as soon as we got to the ER and she started playing that she was fine but it's always good to ere on the safe side.