Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Poor Kori

So, Kori got a CAT scan this weekend. All because we live out in the middle of nowhere and have yet to get a Family DR. Let me tell you the story. Brian went to San Diego this last weekend for a boys trip with his Dad and brother Gregg. So, while he was gone I went into Mesa to visit Brian's Mom and Sister Cassey and to get our bi-weekly shopping done. The boys were supposed to head back on Saturday and we would go home on Sunday. Well, Saturday afternoon Cassey and I were going to go shopping during nap time...long story short Devyn woke Kori up then went to sleep Kori having a 15 min nap got to go to the store with Mommy and Cassey. While in the checkout line she was trying to get away from me (I was holding her hand) and she slipped and hit her head. I didn't think much of it for a second...she did the whole stop breathing cause she was crying so hard thing, but when she was trying to regain her breath she arched her back and was very scary. Then I held her close and she stopped crying completely...that scared me too. So, concerned she had a concussion, we drove straight back to the house...on the way she went kinda pale, so I called our 24 hr nurse line and they suggested taking her to the ER. We went and she was playing in the waiting area, and the Dr, said she was probably fine but they wanted a CAT scan just to make sure since we wouldn't be able to get a follow up in the next couple of days. What an adventure. I knew as soon as we got to the ER and she started playing that she was fine but it's always good to ere on the safe side.


Holly said...

Leah has done that 3 times when is was about 2 years old. We think she doesn't have a very high pain tolerance. She would cry so hard she would pass out and start jerking, her eyes would roll back. Very scary stuff, now that she is older she doesn't do it, hopefully it was just a faze. We tell her to breath and calm down when she hurts herself now, and its not a big deal. There was one time where I had dialed 911 and she came too before they answered. Poor Kori, I hope she feels better.

Becky said...

Kori Danger! Wow, even Paul hasn't been to the ER for a head bonk yet. He does bonk his head hard all the time, but our doctor says if he cries and can talk to us afterward, and has responsive pupils when a light is shown near his eyes he'll be fine. But, better safe than sorry since Kori was obviously traumatized!

Fran & Randy said...

Scary stuff. Glad to hear she's okay.