Friday, January 16, 2009

The Pregnancy

I figure I should let everyone know how baby #3 is doing. I have signed up for a weekly e-mail updating me on how the baby is growing and the like. My favorite part is a section where they compare the baby's growth to different foods. Week twelve has the baby at the size of a lime. you can check out the rest of the's pretty funny to see what fruit or vegetable they compare the baby to next. More to come. My first Dr's appointment is the 27th. Wish me luck.

Christmas & New Years

Well, I figure it's about time for another update.

Brian and I have had a parade of people through our house over the last month. Christmas eve came with a sick Devyn, and most of Brian's brothers and sisters. We had a birthday dinner with 13 people in our small Salome home. We borrowed quads from a member of our ward and entertained most everyone that way. Christmas morning was a whirlwind...I may have been opening presents but for the most part I didn't realize what I had gotten until Monday the 29th, after all the traveling was done. We had everyone leave by Saturday the 27th along with me and the girls who headed down to Tucson to see little Liam's blessing. It was great to see everyone and spend time with family and friends. On Monday we went to the park and got some fun pictures.

We left Monday night, Dad and Viv stopped by for the night on Tuesday and left Wednesday morning for Utah and Becca decided to come visit us on New years day! The girls loved having her here and it was nice to have her company. She left on the 9th. Then Brian's sister Cassey came for a visit Monday the 12th intending to leave Wednesday morning but we sucked her in 'till today (Friday). We took her out to Quartzsite to see a huge swap meet that takes place there every year. (we also took Becca but we went too late in the day and didn't get to see much) We saw lots of shops found some great t-shirts that change color in the sun (from a shop called Del-Sol that has locations all over) and even got a chance to see baby turtles. We have decided that they would make great pets and are going to get three. We just need to buy the tank and some other supplies, then we'll go back and buy our cute little guys. They already have names too. Devyn will name hers "Mr. Pettybones" Koris will be called "Turtle" and Brian and I will name ours "Tank"(as in a steel vehicle with a gun not a fish tank). They are Red eared sliders if you want to look them up. Way cute and very friendly. The girls won't be able to play with them much for the first year until their shells get thicker and the turtles are hardier but after that they will be hands on!