Friday, August 8, 2008

Devyn's Face

Does anyone remember the first time they got a cold sore? Devyn has recently gotten a rash of facial blemishes that I can only describe as cold sores. She has 4 that have broken out and a few more smaller ones that haven't formed sores yet, those just look like pimples. I was doing some research online and one site said that the first outbreak is the worst and from there on out if it happens again it's smaller. Can anyone back that up?

Just dreaming

So, Brian found this really cool computer program that has all kinds of templates on it...some of the templates were for floor plans so, I got a little creative and created our dream house! Here is a picture of it. It's three stories. The main floor is first, then the 2nd story and then the daylight basement...let me know what you think!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Here are some more pictures from Tucson. These were taken at the pool near the Zoo. It's really neat because it has a canopy that covers the pool but makes it a little cooler.

Zoo trip

While in Tucson Dad, Tom, Becky, Paul, Devyn, Kori, and I got to go to the zoo. We had loads of fun and I got a bunch of cute pictures. Here are some of them.

Tucson Trip

So, I finally got a chance to go home and visit beautiful Tucson. I wanted to visit before Tom and Becky moved and I had a wonderful time seeing everyone.

Tom and Becky were kind enough to open their home to me and the girls (thank you guys!) which I understand was a feat simply because they are trying to show the house so it has to look unlived in at all times.

We had to stay a night longer than intended too because we had a little accident. While having our final family get together, the typical fried chicken at the park, all the grandkids were playing on and around the jungle gym. Kori found a bubble wand and proceded to place it in her mouth, so horrible Mommy took it away. Kori didn't like that and proceded to throw her self on the ground while Mommy threw the wand away. While on my way to the trash can I heard the sound of her cries change. I looked back to see her standing and swatting at her legs. I ran over and sure enough poor little Kori was covered in small fire ants. After Becky saved the day with some Benadryl Kori's leg looked less like a swollen red mass and you could actually see all the bite marks. I counted them a few days later and came to 180 before Kori wiggled away. But after all that she was still playing and having a good time with the other kids.
Here is a shot of Kori's leg on Saturday (left) after the incident.
The bites look a little better on Sunday (right) but they have little white heads on them.