Friday, August 8, 2008

Devyn's Face

Does anyone remember the first time they got a cold sore? Devyn has recently gotten a rash of facial blemishes that I can only describe as cold sores. She has 4 that have broken out and a few more smaller ones that haven't formed sores yet, those just look like pimples. I was doing some research online and one site said that the first outbreak is the worst and from there on out if it happens again it's smaller. Can anyone back that up?


Sariah said...

Poor little Monkey! I don't remember getting a cold sore until I was like 10 or 12. They have gotten smaller as I have gotten older, but I have always assumed that it was because I was better at taking care of them (and the wonderful Abreva). She even has on in her nose, I have never gotten one anywhere but my lips.

Fran & Randy said...

Poor darling. I'm not sure about that size thing, but like Sariah, I have learned to deal with them right away.

Holly said...

Hey Mary, Are you still doing the flashbacks deal? If you are Dan and I would like one. We can send you the CD with pictures and also the money to pay for it.