Thursday, February 19, 2009

A new baby update...

Well, I have waited my allotted time and now I have to post something new.
The pregnancy is going well. I had an appointment 3 weeks ago and got some pictures I kept meaning to put up of Skeletor baby. In the first one you can see "his/her" eye sockets and face and such. In the second one the baby is actually cuddling with the umbilical cord. It was actually really interesting to see. I had a medical student doing the ultrasound and she said she had never seen anything like it (probably because she was a medical student).


Becky said...

We LOVE you, baby skeletor! No gender announcement yet? I guess it might be too early. . . Oh, Mary, I hope you will have the most cuddly baby! But watch out, Paul's mantra when he wants attention is, "Mommy, let's go HUG on the couch!" I'm like, "back off kid, we don't have to be in constant physical contact 12 hours a day."

AZ Allreds said...

Congrats on #3! As I tell a lot of preggers in my ward who are expecting #3 babies...your must be brave...or really stupid! I laugh at how many say the latter. It's good to see you guys on here and see the little fam. The girls are so cute and so big! Life does keep going on...too crazy. We are still in Benson and BP has been complaints for us.
Be sure to post the gender.