Monday, March 2, 2009

The neurologist...

I have to say, this guy was Brian's favorite doctor by far! He was very personable and in depth with everything...he even ran Brian through some minor motion tests to get an idea of his limitations.

So, according to Dr. Fife (the neurologist) there are two possible explanations for Brian's symptoms. One of them is a series of holes in his inner ear that are causing improper pressure changes and fluid mixtures. The other option is a malformed bone in his inner ear. I'm not quite sure why it would wait till now to show up but the doc wants to rule it out with a CT scan. The other condition will be tested with a series of physical and balance tests.

At present Brian has been able to resume some work. He has been given a position at DPS headquarters in Phoenix, which unfortunately means that he is living there for the time being, and since his parents moved to Texas this weekend the girls and I have nowhere to stay that is big enough for two whirlwinds, so we're home in Salome.

To make the situation more complicated I was experiencing some contractions last week, I spoke with me OB about it and she told me to drink more water and try to be a little less active. I think part of the problem was the shear amount of stress that Brian's situation has caused, along with of course the responsibilities of raising two toddlers who have a hard time sitting still for more than 5 minutes at a time. We are just praying that things will be resolved soon and that Brian can come home!

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Becky said...

Thanks for the update. What crazy trials you guys have been facing! So is Brian just staying in a hotel for now?