Thursday, April 16, 2009

April Update

Things here in Salome are pretty quiet. The snowbirds are packing up and traffic is dying down.

Brian is in therapy now and his therapist wants him to get a second opinion on his diagnosis. His therapist is very confused by a lot of his symptoms...his balance is great with his feet and his eyes, but when he closes his eyes and they put him on a moving platform he goes downhill. most of us have a working inner ear but his isn't. Now you're all probably saying well we knew that, but there are arguments as to why, which is why his therapist suggests a second opinion with new tests all over again.

As for the girls, Devyn and Kori have been learning sign language and as a result I am too. So far our vocabulary is 15 or so words, but we add new words every week. They have been playing on a lot and Kori can now navigate using the mouse which is a curse and a blessing because every time I come back to the computer she has opened a new window or changed a setting.

The pregnancy is going well, I am focusing on not gaining too much weight with this baby but find myself snacking way too much...I need to get more fruits and veggies so I'm not eating cookies....I love pastries *sigh*

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Sam, Jenn, and Liam said...

Did you guys get to have a wedding anniversary? I suppose I should ask if you got to celebrate it? How much longer till the baby is done baking?