Friday, December 18, 2009

Brian's accident

By now most of you have heard that Brian had an accident (and no, he wasn't putting up Christmas lights). Wednesday the 15th He was helping a member of the branch put a roof on his shed, stepped through some insulation and fell 16 ft to the concrete floor below. He broke his collar bone, shoulder blade, ribs 2-10 (9 in all), pelvis, tail bone, and punctured his lung, along with a concussion. He has a chest tube in to drain any fluid build-up in the lung cavity.

He was helivaced into Phoenix and was admitted into the ICU at John C Lincoln Memorial. The doctors and nurses hope to have him home for Christmas.

Brian has been getting out of bed, walking and sitting up, and has some excersizes to help his lung heal faster. Right now the nurses biggest concern is a blood clot. Because he has so many injusries he doesn't want to move too much. But I think we lit a fire under him today because he seems to be a little more willing to flex his muscles and do his therapy.

Right now I am staying in Mesa with Brian's sister Cassey. I have Sydney with me and Devyn and Kori are in Tucson with my sister Becca.

Brian has had several visitors and enjoys seeing everyone. The ICU requests that no more than 2 people are in the room at a time and that the visits be kept under 20 min.

We appreciate all the prayers and support. I have had several people ask what they can do to help. The two things that I can think of that we need are help watching Sydney while I am in the hospital with Brian, no one under 13 is allowed in the ICU, and gas money because the hospital is 25 miles away and I make several trips because of nursing Sydney.

Thank you so much everyone and I will try to keep everyone updated.

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The Olsen Crew said...

oh Mary, our hearts go out to you! I wish we were around to help out... you are most definitely in our prayers.