Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Swimming Pool of Doom!

So, this is mainly for your benefit really need to join Facebook, I think you would love it.

Brian and I received an above ground pool from some friends at the end of last summer. We got all ready and got it set up but realized a hose to our chlorine generator (a saltwater pool system) was broken. I thought I could fix it but couldn't so we ordered a new one...the problem was that we had already put the salt in and we couldn't put any chlorine in so....we had a bit of a swampy mess.



Sariah said...

Hooray for blog updates! That pool is gross. If you expect me to take the girls swimming while I am there, you better make sure there is no slime. ;)

Sam, Jenn, and Liam said...

Ha! Facebook...Where stalkers find you.

You can use the pool for the girls' science project in a few years.