Thursday, June 25, 2009


YAY! So Brian had his appointment with the surgeon, that we have waited for a month to get and the verdict is....he HAD a Perilymphatic fistula, or hole in his ear, which has healed itself improperly, making his ear think it's still there or something. So, the surgeon has diagnosed him with Endolymphatic Hydrops which he is treating with a 6 day steroid regimen, and a low sodium diet, to help relieve pressure in his ear. The surgeon believes Brian will be showing an improvement in two weeks and should be completely recovered within a month. YAY! Brian is bringing home is MRI and CT scans so hopefully I will be able to post those as well. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes.


Becky said...

Yay! Steroids are totally no fun (he's not going to be home when he's on them, right? Hide all sharp objects!) But, that's a million times nicer than surgery. I'd love to see you post the CTs and MRIS- LOL- that would be quite a feat to behold.

Sariah said...

This is great news! Hopefully the steroids clear things up. Hooray for no surgery! Do they have any idea what caused the hole in his ear?

The Olsen Crew said...

wow.. what a relief! Closure. We pray everything goes smoothly for him and you guys :)