Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Devyn's Birthday

Devyn's birthday was an interesting one this year. For starters it fell on Tuesday and Brian had to work that night, so I made her pan'cake's for breakfast and let her blow out the candles on those. I had planned on filling her special day with things she loved to do, going to the library, getting the mail and playing at the park, but instead I had to drive an hour to our Dr's office to get a perscription for a UTI. I felt so bad. But to make it all better on Wednesday we went to Chuck E. Cheeses. She was so amazingly excited! It was fun to see her actually comprehend what was going on. She loved seeing Chuck E. come out and she was so happy to get all her presents. All in all I think it was a very memorable party for her.

One of the presents Devyn got at her party was a Tinkerbell dress. She was so excited she started undressing on the spot! She put it on and left it on the rest of the night, but I think the best part of the story is this. In the toddler section are the rides you can find outside of grocery stores that you put a quarter in and you get a 30 second ride, these were Devyn's favorites, so she would run up to her grandma get a token, choose wich ride she wanted and buckle herself in. Well, at one point she got her dress tangled in the buckle and couldn't get out. She called for help and Brian's sister Cassey went over to see what was wrong and Devyn exclaimed "I have to go potty, and I don't want to go on my new dress!" So after going to the bathroom Devyn turned to Cassey and said "Thank you aunt Cassey I didn't want to get my new dress all wet."


The Olsen Crew said...

I seriously cannot believe how big your girls are... and they're growing into such lovely little ladies!! The Tinker Bell dress thing is priceless :D
We took Grgeory to Chuck E. Cheese for his 3rd bday... seems to be the perfect age for that place! I'm glad she had fun :)
Looks like you guys are going pretty good... I hope life's treating you well!

Sariah said...

Devyn is hilarious. She told me the other day that this was her "best birthday ever". Pretty big statement considering she probably doesn't remember the first two. ;) Sorry we couldn't be there.