Sunday, February 3, 2008

Devyn's imagination

I made the girls tuna fish sandwiches for lunch last week. Well, Kori destroyed most of hers and left little pieces of crust everywhere. Devyn got ahold of a one of them, held it up and said "who's that?" ('what's this' is Devyn speak) Well, I had no idea what she was getting at so I asked her what it was. She replied "it's horsie mommy, it's camel." so, she stood it up on it's crust and looked at it, then started prancing it around. After a few seconds of play she took a bite out of it and exclaimed "oh no, ate the camel!". She went on to do something similar, only it was a car, which then turned into a rocking chair. She devoured the rocking chair by taking tiny pieces off very quickly and sticking them in her mouth.


Becky said...

Wow! What an enviable imagination that girl has.
Welcome to the blogging world- I will be one of your faithful readers. You will be surprised at how psychologically healthy blogging is when you have toddlers!

The Olsen Family said...

Shes so dang cute!!!!!!!!